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郑【头脑】:越是站【失】【下】越要【逾越】【本身】 【守候】奥运【校阅阅兵】

Zheng [brains] ([right] )     " [latter] [all] [] Xiamen [medicinal powder] example, [weak] degree [the eve of the lunar New Year] , [metre] also hold out [important] . " when [forget] person [contact] on Zheng [brains] [always] , he [firm] [end] one [the ground] [exercise] , [borrow] [a little] some asthma. [now] , zheng [brains] [already] certain room is mixed [odd] [the world] the first, [battle] on competition ground bully gas [in] [contain] [about] [difference] , [euqally co【妹妹】on] [special] [modest] [bashful] . "[contest] [indispensible] should go all out [endeavor] , [daily and ordinary] [can] [appropriate] [relaxed] . " Zheng [brains] [announcement] [forget] person, from November 2017 group group comes [ancient] , "[co【妹妹】on] think of group [] " [already] [couplet sleeves] and [into] [2] year [insufficient] , [that] [2] year [days] , they [mutual] grind [] [a lot of] . "She [and] [Er] [same] on field [contrast] [determined] , bully gas, [tall] [quiet] , [gentle] . " [perhaps] be [as a result of] having [similar] [disposition] , they also had more [identical] , "[be faced with] [difficult problem] [battle] [accept a challenge] , [honest] [we] between most [main] [] be [identical] , [] calculate [contest] from time to tome a few [title] , [we] also can [real time] [path] [not] [itself] a few [idea] , [nimble] [mediate] , [jointly owned] [] the meeting is tacitter. [jointly owned] [] the meeting is tacitter.. 郑思维(左)郑【头脑】(【右】)



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