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【专心】【甜】练【和】东京 国羽厦门【散】训从【晚】操【最先】【宽】抓【练习】

National feather Xiamen [medicinal powder] example from [late] hold [most first] [wide] catch [exercise]     2019 [year thing] [eventually] , [outside] team of Guo Yu wool [the first time] move division Xiamen [wither] [] the brigade of wintry model. Wintry model [always] of the labor force that is Guo Yu [tell] , [curious] be [adjacent] before Tokyo Olympic Games [crucial point] [reservior] period, [army] carry [not] with " catch [processing] , catch [brains] , stress physical ability " for [condition] , [encourage] team member people with [hardships] [fight] [footing] , [all over the body] [mouth] cast [into] [former] second for [shortly] of 2 months [medicinal powder] example [days] . For [take exercise] volition [character and morals] , [discipline] team member people more [bad] [do] breath [take] [compasses answer] , [] team member of Xiamen Guo Yu people also [impressions] arrived [confused branch] of appearance [late] hold [adjourn] . [late] on 6 [face] 20 minutes, [weather] [still do not have] [before dawn] , street lamp also [] [Shan Zhuo] , right now, team member [already] [time] [emerge in large numbers] [] [gather] [day] . [as a result of] [former] second [outside] be stationed of team of Guo Yu wool [] [weather] [appropriate] Xiamen, [face] brume [outside] [accompany] move [thick] [rare] mist, [that] also let [late] hold change [break] some [unconventional] . [simply] team member people [all the same] one face [not yet fully open on waking up] , [in that case] [face] [contain] [endure] [dry] [in sky] , [all around] vegetation looks [come down] [more] [luxuriantly green] , [that] also let [not] [late] hold国羽厦门集训从早操开始严抓训练国羽厦门【散】训从【晚】操【最先】【宽】抓【练习】



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