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谌龙2019感悟:【尔】【借】能【转变】【战】【革新】 【难题】【挨】【没有】倒【尔】

Chen Long   [not] between be careful, 2019 [soon] become " [departed] " , [that] a year, [we] [to] [the world] feather altar, [to] of Guo Yu [image] , also [most first] gradually [stop] gradually [close] . [morning] Hua Xi [lose] , [after-thought] one [tall] associate with [that] a year [experience] , [path] [path] [itself] [impressions] , [appreciate] [itself] [this] [joys and sorrows] . From [tomorrow] [most first] [we] will [in succession] 3 [the ground] [pull] [not] series [pull] civil, let [we] [together] [attentively listens] they [to] the comprehension of 2019. 2018 [year old end] , [Er] with wintry model [replace] feather super- , [this] paragraph [days] [accumulation] let [Er] [] 2019 [days of  of the beginning of the year] [show] [not] wrong. But from revive cup to the world bright and beautiful contest, [Er] [all] [contrast] low fan. [] revive cup 1/4 final [outside] the An Sailong that is defeated by Denmark, [this] lose a ball [ought to] was 2019 [to] [Er] [assault] most [the eve of the lunar New Year] . [admittedly] [each] second [and] he [endure] [all] be very ankylose, but [this] [contest] [Er] [all the same] [have quite] [self-confident heart] , [original] [] [wild] the door [heart] be defeated [lose] [contest] , very [assault] [Er] [conceited] [mouth] . Arrived contest of world bright and beautiful, 1/4 final is defeated by Andongsen, [that] [ought to] be [Er] [far] 6谌龙谌龙





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